About us

About FreshGround

We love coffee, and it shows. Since 1982, we’ve made it our mission to find the very best coffee beans that we know you’ll love as much as we do. Our team are all Specialty Coffee Association trained so we’ll always help you select the perfect coffee for you and your team. Plus our expert knowledge and over 40 years’ experience means we’ll advise you on which office coffee machine and plan is just right for you. We’re 100% committed to providing quality coffee experiences to support your workplace culture, and to help keep you and your team happy and hydrated wherever you’re working.

About FreshOffice

We launched FreshOffice in direct response to customer insight in light of the impact of COVID-19 on the workplace. Understandably, employers and teams want peace of mind to work in spaces that are clean, sanitised and safe. FreshOffice does just that and more. We deliver a suite of hygienic products and services that range from hand sanitisation solutions, high-tech ULV misting units and virus killing cleaning products. We also provide personal wellness kits that include vital PPE to protect at work, on the commute or working from home. FreshOffice aims to offer our customers extra reassurance and confidence to work safely and effectively. Plus, we’ve made it easy to purchase everything online alongside your regular FreshGround premium coffee and water solutions.

Our values

We own a set of five core values that underpin everything we do, and the way we do it.


Think Simplicity

Everything we do is focused on making thing easier. We simplify. we Improve. We make our customers' live easier by removing unnecessary complications. We're all about consistency and efficiency and we make everything as straightforward as we can.


Communicate with Clarity

We tell it how it is. We never make assumptions. particularly when it comes to communications.We're clear. We're concise. We keep our customers in the Pictures, and we take the time to explain things properly So there's no room for confusion.


Be Proactive

We don't just wait for thing to happen; we make them happen. We're forward thinking and take the initiative to do things better. We check in with our customers just to make sure everthing' ok and we'll always set up When we need to.


Focus on the customer

Nothing is more important than putting our customers first. We're committed to doing what's right, and we take Pride in delviering on our promises. We love getting Feedback so we can continue to provide the very best in customer service.


Work as a team

Our Company would be nothing without our people. With a shared passion for great coffee, our dynamic team delivers exceptional customers experiences Freindly, helpful and curious, together we collaborate push boundaries to be the best.

Wake up and taste the coffee

Choosing a coffee shouldn't just be a shot in the dark, based on a name. That's why we devised our strength families to help you select a coffee that you, your colleagues and your clients will love. Our range goes from light, floral flavours, through fruity, chocolates and nutty, all the way up to smoky and intense.


Full of light, fruity flavours, the Serene family of coffees features delicate floral and acidic citrus notes. Enjoy without milk to truly appreciate the variety of subtle flavours showcased in these blends.


These bright, aromatic blends will lift your day, including fresh notes such as sharp green apples and ripe berries. Perfect as a lively, long black drink, Refreshed blends make for a seriously vibrant Americano or filter coffee.


Rich milk chocolate, ripe cherries and toffee flavours feature in our warming Energised collection of coffees. Smooth and balanced, these blends are superb with or without milk, and are great at keeping the whole office happy.


Take it up a notch with our Buzzed collection. These charismatic coffees deliver rich, bold notes such as dark chocolate, caramel and roasted nuts, and balance perfectly in milky drinks such as lattes and flat whites.


These bold blends deliver full-bodied intensity with a hint of bitterness. Smoky, spicy and with notes of caramel and molasses, our dark-roasted Hyper blends are a wake-up call for even the most serious of coffee drinkers.