Santa Barbara Premium Whole Bean Coffee

Santa Barbara Premium Whole Bean Coffee

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Santa Barbara is the coffee that is quite literally full of beans! For an energising, vibrant cup of coffee to kick start your day, this is your go-to coffee bean. It’s also our most popular coffee thanks to its versatility, exceptional quality and delicious taste.

Santa Barbara is perfectly balanced for use in a bean to cup machine for espresso, or grinding for filter coffee. Enjoy straight-up black or as the base for a warming, milky coffee such as a latte, cappuccino or flat white. This coffee is sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, which means you’ll also be helping to support coffee growers and their communities.

Strength family: Energised

Tasting notes: Dark chocolate, cedarwood

Who’s drinking it? You’ll find Melvyn from our Client Experience team enjoying a cup of Santa Barbara every morning at his desk. Sometimes with milk, sometimes without, Melvyn won’t drink anything but this deliciously versatile coffee.

Not sure which coffee to choose? Not a problem! Using our experience spanning over 40 years in coffee, we’ve created a simple strength guide, so whether you like your coffee light and bright, or rich and dark, we’ve got the perfect cup just for you.

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Wake up and taste the coffee

Choosing a coffee shouldn't just be a shot in the dark, based on a name. That's why we devised our strength families to help you select a coffee that you, your colleagues and your clients will love. Our range goes from light, floral flavours, through fruity, chocolates and nutty, all the way up to smoky and intense.


Full of light, fruity flavours, the Serene family of coffees features delicate floral and acidic citrus notes. Enjoy without milk to truly appreciate the variety of subtle flavours showcased in these blends.


These bright, aromatic blends will lift your day, including fresh notes such as sharp green apples and ripe berries. Perfect as a lively, long black drink, Refreshed blends make for a seriously vibrant Americano or filter coffee.


Rich milk chocolate, ripe cherries and toffee flavours feature in our warming Energised collection of coffees. Smooth and balanced, these blends are superb with or without milk, and are great at keeping the whole office happy.


Take it up a notch with our Buzzed collection. These charismatic coffees deliver rich, bold notes such as dark chocolate, caramel and roasted nuts, and balance perfectly in milky drinks such as lattes and flat whites.


These bold blends deliver full-bodied intensity with a hint of bitterness. Smoky, spicy and with notes of caramel and molasses, our dark-roasted Hyper blends are a wake-up call for even the most serious of coffee drinkers.